DHUnplugged #368: A Punch to The Face for Repeal and Replace

A hard right to the face ofΒ  Republicans. Yes, the effort has failed. With less than the required number of votes, the Senate is scrapping any idea of attempting to defund ObamaCare. Markets seem to take it in stride as the hope is that tax reform will be next on the agenda.

Earnings season is now in gear and there have been some nice beats and some misses. Netflix hits all-time highs and banks are coming in with some low quality earnings beats.

After a couple of weeks off, we have a full show with some interesting tidbits.

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DHUnplugged #367: Hacked Again?

Markets take a breather, but there is plenty to discuss.

Hackers are in on another ransomware scheme – this time it appears that the destruction is more widespread than the last time.

The Senate does not appear to have the votes for the Healthcare repeal – what that means for markets…

Plus – an 80% winner from a recent Weekly Stock pick revealed…

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DHUnplugged #366: Ship Free or Die

Amazon is getting more aggressive by the day. Not only is the company disrupting retail but they have now shot across the bow of groceries and food stuffs.

Markets are taking it all in stride. Oil sinks as OPEC has made a miscalculation and new rigs are added for the 7th consecutive month.

SNAP hits it’s IPO price – next stop?

Plenty to discuss in this episode – plus some things we could not get to last week.


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DHUnplugged #365: Half Full or Half Empty?

There has been a rash of doom and gloom prognostications appearing. What has changed?

The Federal Reserve is likely to hike rates at their upcoming meeting and we look into what that may mean for stocks and markets overall.

After a few days of selling pressure, buyers are back and they want to get back in as soon as possible.

Plus – Snapchat’s newest deal with McDonald’s seems to be really interesting (not).


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DHUnplugged #363: Free Money For All

There is a call for Universal Basic Income that is coming from the wealthiest people in the world. How will that work out for the world?

Markets snapped back after a tough week – back to all-time highs. Amazon cracks through the $1,000 price barrier and Bitcoin plunges.

Drama in the air and more problems with Hot Dogs. Crazy things happening – what is the next shoe to drop? perhaps a default by Greece?

Tonight’s theme: WHO CARES ANYWAY!


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DHUnplugged #362: Social Media Gone Wild

Does social media impede productivity? Can it be blamed on some of the slow growth around the world?

What is going on with Brazil? Is there a trade in all of this mess?

Investors seem less concerned this week about any of the domestic scandals that have been cropping up – maybe it is just nothing to worry about.

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DHUnplugged #361: Impervious ?

Markets appear to be impervious to any news that may be negative. Buy the good and the bad it appears. So far…..

An update on a few of the recent stock picks, SNAP and markets.

Airlines are still in hot water and we look into whether this is simply social media pressing buttons or something more.

Listen in…

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DHUnplugged #360: Contemplating Complacency

Did we just happen upon the short of the century?

The VIX drops below $10 to a multi-decade low – is this the new normal or something else? Is this simply high confidence or off the charts complacency?

Apple and the “big boys” are holding up markets, but below the surface there is something else going on.


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DHUnplugged #359: Retirement Plans In Jeopardy

Earnings season is underway and there have been some big winners and some monstrous losers.

GDP slows as does some other important U.S. economic metrics. The VIX hits single digits this week before it pops higherΒ  – a sign that there is too much complacency in the markets?

New rules being discussed may lose the much coveted tax deduction on 401k plans..

Much more fun and biz discussions …


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