DHUnplugged #436: 2018 Compiled (Part1)

Not a “Best of” – this is so much better.

A chronological compilation, separated by subject from DHUnplugged Podcasts aired in 2018.

In this episode (Part 1), we look back on Oil, Bitcoin, Trump and Elon Musk/Tesla.

A big thanks to listener (and show friend) Ryan Rediske for taking the time to put this all together.

Wishing all of our wonderful listeners a happy and prosperous New Year!


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DHUnplugged #435: A Halibut’s Dream

Nothing seems to help markets that are in a tailspin. When is it time to start think about possibly dipping into some names that are flashing oversold readings?

The price of oil is plunging. While that is good for consumers – what does that say about the general demand?

Handicapping the Fed’s rate decision and more…

Plus – the 2018 DH CTP Cup is now underway.


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DHUnplugged #434: Odious

Extreme volatility as investors go from euphoria to hysteria – all in a matter of hours.

Headlines continue to come fast and furious creating a minefield for investors.

As the end of the year approaches, will that sought after rally take hold?

Plus – the 2018 DH CTP CupΒ  is announced.


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DHUnplugged #433: Dead Cred

The yield curve is collapsing. This could be something important to watch as the 2/10’s are on a path to invert.

Plenty of conjecture over what really happened at the G-20 meeting – we get to the bottom it.

Plus, a look at the hottest scam that is raking in lots of money from unsuspecting seniors.


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DHUnplugged #432: TanksGiving

End of year warm-up for Closest to The Pin announced.

A look into year-end holiday spending. Crude oil is in focus again and a peek at the cryptocurrency space.

The new craze of living in a PodPartment is really interesting – we have a sample floor-plan to discuss.

Plus – What JCD is not writing this week…

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DHUnplugged #429: HalloWeenieMarkets

October is known for scary things. But this market selloff is really starting to unnerve investors.

Plenty of spooky headlines are leading the way causing some panic and disorderly selling.

We find some interesting statistical anomalies that may be pointing to an oversold level worthy of buying. Plus a look at some of the recent news that is shaping sentiment.

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DHUnplugged #428: Painful Probing

Sellers have emerged with a vengeance over the past couple of weeks. Earnings are spotty and there was clearly a bit too much exuberance going into this quarter.

Yet, after a very poor opening, buyers started to nibble and that helped to rescue markets on Tuesday.

What lies ahead?

We cover the latest earnings, outlook and some key news of the week.

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DHUnplugged #427: Sinkhole

Markets have seen a pronounced change in appetite for risk over the past couple of weeks. With earnings season now beginning, will that change?

Beneath the markets there has been a good amount of carnage that has create a cavity that was open and ready for sellers to step into. A sinkhole of sorts – what to expect moving forward.

427Plus – a look into the news that is shaping markets and more…

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