DHUnplugged #337: TRUMP’D (No Audio)

What an upset! Not many predicted that outcome for the U.S. elections. The Republicans swept Congress and now investors are putting in their bets with companies that they believe will benefit from a massive fiscal stimulus package and lower taxes.trumpd

An impressive rotation within markets and a lack of a sell-off has many people wondering what happened. It was not supposed to work this way – was it?

Some interesting insight into markets, politics and other newsworthy items in this episode.

** Important Note – Technology meltdown and audio lost. Had to overhaul entire studio – so no audio **

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DHUnplugged #336: Hallelujah… Is It Over?

Elections! Finally the day has arrived and we are about to see who will take the big seat at the top of the U.S. political system. dh_electionsover

What has been one of the most cantankerous campaigns in recent history will finally provide some relief that we won’t be subjected to anymore debates and commercials related to this event. Hallelujah!

Markets rallied on Monday as the FBI announced that the Clinton email issue is put to bed – for the time being at least.


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DHUnplugged #335: Election Jitters

Markets are getting jittery ahead of the election and any news of a rate hike before the end of the year. The U.S. dollar plunged on worries over the impact of the Clinton email scandal and metals rallied.dh335

Microsoft announced a new Surface desktop that looks to rival Apple’s iMac.

Plus – an update on the next big IPO and what is going on in the tech sector.

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DHUnplugged #334: Mega Merger Mania

Mega mergers announces over the weekend helped to keep some interest in markets. After being down for the past few, markets were able to put in a gain over the last week.dh_merger

Big announcements this week as it is one of the heaviest for this earnings reporting period. Amazon, Google and many others are set to report.

Will the Fed raise this year? What about the price of bonds, gold and other important commodities.

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DHUnplugged #333: Coming Into The Home Stretch

Did Janet Yellen just tell us that the Fed’s tools are ineffective? Bonds sold off, the dollar rallies as the potential for a rate hike by the end of the year is a real possibility.homestretch

Coming into the end of the year, earnings season will play an important role in the direction of markets – we discuss how the season is looking so far and what to expect.

More scandals, more rumors debunked and some interesting observations about the potential for a few stocks.

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DHUnplugged #332: Rumor Mill Overload

The rumor mill is in overdrive. Last week Twitter (TWTR) was said to be up for sale. This week there is some murmurs about the potential for Disney (DIS) to make a bid for Netflix (NFLX) – what is next?rumors

For whatever reasons, the U.S. dollar is rallying, even though the ECB send up a trial balloon about tapering asset purchases.

Hurricane Matthew – on its way to become a major storm that could cause serious damage to the East coast.

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DHUnplugged #331: We’ve Been Smeckledorfed

Twitter (TWTR) rumored to be up for sale, Facebook (FB) video ad controversy and the continuing saga with Wells Fargo (WFC) are in focus. Also, we look at the latest takeaways from the first Presidential debate.dhdupped2

Crude oil surging again after some comments that a production freeze will happen – then sinks, then surges.

Markets surged on news that the Fed will keep rates at the current levels for a while longer – no rate hike just yet. That lasted a couple of days until reality set in that perhaps the economy is not in as great shape as we thought.

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DHUnplugged #330: The 11th Sector

A fun week lies ahead for Central Bank fixated traders and investors.dh_11b

More terrorism on U.S. soil – what to make of this and how does that impact the U.S. elections?

Another tech hardware announcement that has been long awaited – comes and goes. Is this going to be a game-changer?

The S&P’s 11th sector, Closest to the Pin, Old Codgers Portfolio and more…

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DHUnplugged #329: Switch Flipped

Last week we discussed that volatility and volume could increase as traders are back to the trading desks – summer is over and now we may see trading volume pick up as there is plenty of news that may move markets. And right on cue…switch

Bonds have been under pressure as yields are starting to rise – worrying markets about the potential for a massive move back to normal levels.

Apple announced a new phone, new headphones and finally a waterproof watch.

Fun fun fun!

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DHUnplugged #328: Hakuna Matata Markets

Back to the trading desks – summer is over and now we may see trading volume pick up as there is plenty of news that may move markets.dhunplugged97

ISM manufacturing and services reports point to a slowdown while markets remain calm and investors ready to buy any dip.

Markets now seem to be in a Hakuna Matata phase with the idea that central banks keeping the punchbowl full ain’t no passing craze. It means no worries for the rest of your days – It’s our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!

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