DHUnplugged Closest to the Pin Contest – RULES

Closest to the Pin (CTP) Rules / How To:dh_closepin

  1. A random stock selected will be used for each contest. For each contest you may enter a price that you believe will be the closest to the actual price on the market close on the date stated in each contest page. Closest to the Pin Contest Page
  2. Site registration is required to participate.
  3. Entries for each stock may be submitted anytime after the “First Day to Submit Entry” and before market the end of the day (11:59PM Eastern) of the “Last Day to Submit Entry” in order for it to be counted.
  4. Listeners are invited to view the list of stocks and corresponding dates for the opening and closing of each entry. A listing of the current and past CTP Contests can be found here:  CTP LIST
  5. Click on YOUR profile (top right of site if logged in) to see your list of price guesses and additional information.
  6. John C. Dvorak and Andrew Horowitz will also participate in the contest so that listeners can see how their guesses compare – keep a watch on the live updates to see how you stack up against them.
  7. Winners will be announced on the podcast following the date each CTP closes.
  8. Closest to the Pin winners will be determined by the absolute value of each guess. (Example: If the closing price is $10.00, and 3 guesses are submitted at $9.00, $9.90 and $10.25, the winner is at $9.90.  Alternatively if the guesses are $9.00, $10.05 and $9.90, and the closing price remains the same at $10.00 the winner is at $10.05.)  This means you are not penalized for being over or under a price. In the event of a tie, the earliest entry will be chosen as the winner.
  9. Prizes can only be shipped to a U.S. address. Winners outside the U.S. may provide a U.S. address for appropriate forwarding.
  10. We retain the right to disqualify anyone and any entry for any reason – because we can.