DHUnplugged #228: Car Parts from Tomatoes, Panic at The Fed

It is getting crazy out there. M&A is at a fever pitch, the Federal Reserve is looking to save their a$$ by hinting about imposing exit fees on bond funds and there is little care about economic data. All in a week’s work for John and Andrew as we dig down and discuss these and […]

DHUnplugged #227: Yes Betty, There Will Be Inflation

Is inflation already creeping into the system? With the markets at new highs and the U.S. economy gaining traction, how much longer can the Fed hold down interest rates? We discuss the ongoing Net Neutrality Spat and some of the more interesting news items of the week. Plenty of stocks to watch as well… _________________________________________________________ […]

DHUnplugged #226: Oh My…This Is Going To Be Really Good (Or Really Bad)

The ECB has got to come up with something really big. REALLY BIG or we will see a serious sentiment change on the Euro region. Can Super Mario Draghi pull it off? John and Andrew dig down into the best restaurants within US tech companies as well as some pointed discussion on the minimum wage. […]

DHUnplugged #225: Italy Roadtrip – Prostitutes and Drugs Help GDP

It is no joke… Italy will start to add revenues from illegal drug sales and prostitution to goose the country’s GDP. We discuss IBM’s future, windshield washer fluid that seems to be spreading disease as well as tasteless Mexican food. Only on DHUnplugged… Plenty of stocks to watch as well… _________________________________________________________  Sponsored by: The Stanford […]

DHUnplugged #222: Delicious, Delectable Yet Definitely Dubious

IBM is playing games, Twitter (TWTR) gets whacked and markets are in a buying frenzy. Why? You will find out in this episode. We also talk about the new planet just found and lots more…. Stocks to watch as well… Horowitz has a series of trading indicators now available for Tradestation – HERE Follow John […]

DHUnplugged: #219/#220: Clueless Pundits and Idiotic Rainfall Futures

We are aghast that there are actually rainfall futures traded… Bah! More importantly we ask the question: Was John Stamos on Happy Days? We talk about the recent market sell-off and the pundits who are predicting more downside, more upside – in other words they have no idea and why is anyone listening to them? […]

DHUnplugged #218: Mo’ Money!

The Fed tells us that the last announcement by Yellen was just an April Fool’s prank – markets hit record again. We also explore the origin of the names for Michael Lewis’s children. Are markets rigged? Stocks to watch as well… Horowitz has a series of trading indicators now available for Tradestation – HERE Follow […]

DHUnplugged #217: Is Janet Yellen the New Chevy Chase?

OOPS! Janet Yellen, in her first rate announcement speech as the Fed Chair spooks markets with a comment about a rate rise. her overall nervousness reminded us of Chevy Chase and his short lived TV show… We talk about some interesting stocks in the 3D printing industry as well as banking, markets and news from […]

DHUnplugged 216: Soaring Food Prices and Bernanke’s Wife

Did you know that Mr. Bernanke once worked at South of the Border? Who is Mrs. Bernanke? We explore the China property meltdown as well as some other important items in the world of finance. Stocks to watch as well… Horowitz has a series of trading indicators now available for Tradestation – HERE Disclosure: Horowitz […]

DHUnplugged #215: Problems Brewing and PickleBacks

In this episode, we look at the trouble that appears to be brewing for markets as the emerging market currencies continue to show weakness. China’s 18% drop in exports also is concerning. But where is the plane? Stocks to watch and economics of interest as well as some thoughts on bubbles forming are all part […]