DHUnplugged #195: The Summer(s) Rally, Honesty Test and Activists

This was Apple (AAPL) wee on  the DHUnplugged Closest to the Pin contest.  The winner was just 1% away and for the swings that we saw during the contest period, that was impressive. Congrats to Martijn J. for his winning entry. The big day is upon us. To taper or not.. What will the markets […]

DHUnplugged #194: Paying Strippers, The New DJIA Exposed and Undressing Summers

The second week of the DHUnplugged Closest to the Pin contest is now closed and we have a winner from the first week (IBM). Congrats to Hemal M. who came within $0.18 of the closing price. That is a 0.09% – impressive! A hefty amount of material covered in this short show. Strippers, Syria, Summers […]

DHUnplugged #193: Worries Abound But New Tests For Your Civet Coffee Available

The first week of the DHUnplugged Closest to the Pin contest is now closed and we have a terrific number of entries. On Wednesday we begin week two with Apple (AAPL) in the spotlight. We cover some serious ground in this episode – from nuke disasters to Civet coffee (along with some great business insight) […]

DHUnplugged #192: The 18th Hole for the Markets?

Let the games begin! We officially unveil the DHUnplugged Closest to the Pin contest. It is fun and yes, there will be prizes. There is plenty of things that we will discussing including the market reaction to Syria as well as stocks and even circumcision stats. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:04:44 […]

DHUnplugged #191: You Gotta BIGGGGG MOUTH!

Lots of big mouths talking their game. We discuss a good deal of the latest headlines as well as some stocks to watch. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:05:28 — 45.0MB)Subscribe: RSS

DHUnplugged #190: The End of … The Movie Theater Experience?

Some are predicting the end of the movie as we know it today. No, not some off the beaten path blog, but Spielberg and Lucas. We also talk about the problem with some commodity related ETFs and also a new listener competition… Also, What is POMO? Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 56:26 […]

DHUnplugged #189: Hinky Action

There is a ton of info that will be flowing over the next few days. Aside from earnings, the Fed is releasing its monthly decision and the official jobs report comes Friday. Revisions to GDP as well. We also talk about the resilience of the markets along with some wonky stock moves. Podcast: Play in […]

DHUnplugged #188: Detroit Defaults – Bonds go Boom!

Earnings are coming in fast and furious. We look at the sales of iPhones as well as some of the interesting economic news and headlines. Detroit files bankruptcy – what is next for bonds?   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:02:39 — 43.0MB)Subscribe: RSS

DHUnplugged #187: Stacking at Yahoo!

Morocco Boy is back. We discuss Yahoo! stacking as well as the Boeing fiasco(s). Some of the interesting moves for Tesla (TSLA). Also, the new Hyperloop technology that promises to take you from SF to LA in 30 minutes. Where did this idea and where is it going?   Podcast: Play in new window | […]

DHUnplugged #186: Change of Heart

Housing has been pretty strong and there are some good areas in the world that we can find. However, there is something brewing under the surface as can be seen by the massive sell off in commodities. We discuss China as well as many of the key topics that will shape markets. Podcast: Play in […]