DHUnplugged #447: Ground Stop

Boeing planes grounded as the investigation of the recent failures continue. Brexit – no idea what to expect at this point. Markets back to rally mode – even in the face of some tough news. Economics, markets and more…. Some interesting charts, a new Closest to the Pin and much more – PLUS we are […]

DHUnplugged #446: Crying Wolf

A trade deal with China is imminent – or not. With the market rally coming under scrutiny – how much more upside is there to go? GDP still in the mid- 2’s for the 4th quarter – expectations and views are starting to come in moving forward. Some interesting charts, a new Closest to the […]

DHUnplugged #445: Pleased to Appease

The Fed continues their quest to calm markets. China and the U.S. are said to be closer to some sort of deal. The rally is 9 weeks deep – is it sustainable? We cover these and other important news of the week. Some interesting charts, a new Closest to the Pin and much more – […]

DHUnplugged #444: Getting Closer

Rally Rally – are we getting closer to a deal with China? If so, what will it look like and who will declare victory? Risk assets are moving higher on the heels of bad news – are we back to this mode again? Plus -we take a look at the social media environment along with […]

DHUnplugged #443: The Glass is Fully Full

Pricing in every headwind to be resolved favorably, markets continue to be in rally mode. Word that there may be a deal at hand for a government spending bill helped to propel market higher – just a few days after markets were spooked by comments that a China deal is no way near done. Some […]

DHUnplugged #442: BTD Or STR ?

No major tweets to sidetrack investors. The Fed is more accommodating and investors like what they see through this earnings season. Of course buybacks are starting up again after black-out periods as well – helping to push up markets. There may be some movement after the State of the Union address with a few specific […]

DHUnplugged #440: Cloudy with a Chance of Correction

IMF lowers their outlook for global growth. At the same time, conflicting headlines about trade talks punish markets. After a few weeks of a reflexive rally, is it time for consolidation? There are plenty of stocks that are now “overbought” and could see some selling pressure. The question is whether it will result in a […]

DHUnplugged #439: Black Eyed Finance

Here we go…. Earnings are starting to roll in and already we are seeing a plenty of disappointments. The good news is that investors may have priced in the worst case. The government shutdown may cost the economy much more that originally anticipated. GDP may take a hit. Plus – an update on Jae’s fancy […]

DHUnplugged #438: Ringing It In

2019 here we come! Markets look as though they are trying to dig out of a major hole with earnings season just around the corner. Oversold to overbought in just a week – we take a look at some key indicators and explore their meaning. Plenty of headwinds that are shaking markets – how will […]

DHunplugged #437: 2018 Compiled (Part 2)

Not a “Best of” – this is so much better. A chronological compilation, separated by subject from DHUnplugged Podcasts aired in 2018. In this episode (Part 2), we look back on Tariffs, Record Highs/Lows, The Fed and A JCD compilation. A big thanks to listener (and show friend) Ryan Rediske for taking the time to […]