DHUnplugged #251: Oil to $40, $30, $20 or Back to $75?

India is tracking toilet use and oil is skidding toward zero – both ridiculous ideas in their own right. In this episode, we discuss the names that are poised to pop and the positions that we are removing from our “pick list” from 2014.

Uber is under siege in South Africa, bond yields are plummeting – what else can go wrong?




DHUnplugged #250: Dvorak Nailed It!

In the year’s final episode, we discuss the best and worst stocks of the year as well as predictions for next year. We also discuss some of the more important news items.

A review of the top stock picks we made during 2014 and our clunkers.



Top and bottom “closed” picks from 2014



DHUnplugged #249: Russian Ruble Roulette

The Russian Ruble is in free-fall and that is causing ripples around the world. U.S. bonds are at the lowest yield in more than a year and oil continues to tumble. Central banks, ugly Hanukkah trees and oyster herpes are all important topics flushed out in this episode.


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Some of the charts discussed in this episode:






DHUnplugged #248: Sub $2 Gasoline and $130 Über Bribes

Uber is under attack. Here in the United States and around the world, governments are trying to impose regulations on the taxi/driver start-up.

The world markets are going a bit bonkers. Greece down 12.5%, China off by 5% and oil slides while gold shines.



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DHUnplugged #247: This Is The Real Reason Oil Tanked

In this episode we explore the reasons why Black Friday weekend was a bust. The National Retail Federation expected +4% as compared to last year and now we are seeing that it was more like -11%. Why? We explain.

The real reason oil dropped and some investing ideas that may be profitable from the move.



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DHUnplugged #246: LinkedIn Gets Face-Planted and Movado’s Time Is Up

Facebook is stepping into LinkedIn’s core business, this can’t be good and we take a look back in time at what we predicted for Movado and other mid-level watch makers.


A great chart that explains how the media coverage of Ebola influenced markets and a discussion about the important news of the last week.



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DHUnpplugged #245:Blame It On The Polar Vortex

Earnings season is coming to an end, markets are overbought and central bankers are on tilt. How about Alibaba and their record sales on Singles Day?

In this episode we discuss everything from Comcast’s poor service to some ideas for investing and back to strange news of the day.


AND, already we are hearing excuses build due to the potential for another Polar Vortex.. Listen in…

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DHUnplugged # 244: The Sharks are Circling

Facebook (FB) and Twitter (TWTR) fail to impress investors with their latest earnings reports/outlook. Markets are reaching overheated levels as October has swung from losses to gains on major indices.

To Quarantine or not to Quarantine, that is the question….

We also explore ApplePay as well as the drop in music sales at the iTunes store.

** Note: The Key Reversal Indicator is now at +5. This is a seldom seen condition that provides for a pullback for markets within days **


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DHUnplugged #243: IBM to Go Private and/or Rometty Canned?

In this action packed episode we discuss the latest round of earnings that have hit the tape as well as the miraculous turn around for global markets. IBM is in focus as we wonder how much longer the company can keep up their financial engineering instead of showing some true growth. They need to do something now!

We also look at the potential for Coca-Cola (KO) to buy the rest of Monster Beverage (MNST) as well as other investment ideas.

Listen in to find out more about the direction of oil prices and the massive losses that Warren Buffett incurred this week.


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DHUnplugged #242: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Markets are seeing selling with high volume. Is this the one everyone has been waiting for, or just another buy-the-dip moment?

We discuss some of the Ebola related stocks, some interesting tech innovations as well as the meltdown we are seeing with global stock markets. Perhaps the Fed will be so kind as to put back the punch bowl?


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