DHUnplugged #247: This Is The Real Reason Oil Tanked

In this episode we explore the reasons why Black Friday weekend was a bust. The National Retail Federation expected +4% as compared to last year and now we are seeing that it was more like -11%. Why? We explain. The real reason oil dropped and some investing ideas that may be profitable from the move. […]

DHUnplugged #238: Back From The Hamptons

Traders are back to their desks and keyboards as the summer is now over. While trading volume has been anemic for the past few months, it is already seeing a sharp pickup on the first day after summer vacations. Will it be more of the usual or an accident waiting to happen? And what about […]

DHUnplugged #237: Millennial Madness

The end of the watch as we know it? Gold may be shining if seasonal trends are correct. Is the millennial generation making a mockery of pricing? Best Buy (BBY) earnings and some stocks to watch… This is a jam packed show with some in depth insights.. Listen in. See this week’s stock picks HERE. […]

DHUnplugged #235: The Bear is Awakened

Markets have seen a change in sentiment and in this episode we find out why. Some of the recent news on the deadly Ebola virus and stocks picks that may see some upside on a potential cure. This is a jam packed show with some in depth insight.. Listen in. See this week’s stock picks […]

DHUnplugged #228: Car Parts from Tomatoes, Panic at The Fed

It is getting crazy out there. M&A is at a fever pitch, the Federal Reserve is looking to save their a$$ by hinting about imposing exit fees on bond funds and there is little care about economic data. All in a week’s work for John and Andrew as we dig down and discuss these and […]

DHUnplugged #221: Food Prices Skyrocket, Chipotle Plunge?

Food prices are moving higher – what does this mean for some of the restaurant stocks? Chipotle  Mexican Grill (CMG) will be reporting on Thursday – we weigh in on how to play it. Also, we look at the highest paid CEOs, the amazing prices of apartments in London along with the U.S. Airways tweet… […]

DHUnplugged #217: Is Janet Yellen the New Chevy Chase?

OOPS! Janet Yellen, in her first rate announcement speech as the Fed Chair spooks markets with a comment about a rate rise. her overall nervousness reminded us of Chevy Chase and his short lived TV show… We talk about some interesting stocks in the 3D printing industry as well as banking, markets and news from […]

DHUnplugged #214: The Markets In A Nutshell

We have some fun with the funny joke that Mr. Putin played on the world. Was he short the market looking for a quick score? Facebook’s purchase of a drone company is discussed, although we still have no idea what that is all about… Stocks to watch and economics of interest as well as some […]

DHUnplugged #212: Stimulus Will Cause the Next Depression

Is there a way to arbitrage Bitcoin? Prices are diverging by hundreds of dollars. John has a theory on what will eventual be the cause of the next economic downturn. Tesla’s (TSLA) earnings are on the way and John is taking a stab at the short side. Listen in to some of the reasons why… […]

DHUnplugged #205: The Wealthiest People List and Year End Wrap

Billions and Billions of dollars have been made and lost over the years. In this episode we look at the details of who is the richest people in the world and how much they have made recently. Donate Bitcoins To The Show   [tell-a-friend id=”1″ title=”Tell a friend”] Horowitz has a series of trading indicators […]