DHUnplugged #252: A Really Really Stupid Idea

Webvan meets Uber  – how is this plan going to work? Moreover, Instacart just got a $220 million capital infusion… Really? We discuss this as well as the important news of the week. Market action, stocks along with some of the business news that will shape the upcoming investing landscape.    

DHUnplugged #249: Russian Ruble Roulette

The Russian Ruble is in free-fall and that is causing ripples around the world. U.S. bonds are at the lowest yield in more than a year and oil continues to tumble. Central banks, ugly Hanukkah trees and oyster herpes are all important topics flushed out in this episode. See this week’s stock picks HERE Some […]

DHUnplugged #242: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Markets are seeing selling with high volume. Is this the one everyone has been waiting for, or just another buy-the-dip moment? We discuss some of the Ebola related stocks, some interesting tech innovations as well as the meltdown we are seeing with global stock markets. Perhaps the Fed will be so kind as to put […]

DHUnplugged #241: Break Out The Gas Masks !

A case of Ebola in the U.S. spooks markets but is great for a few stocks which have potential vaccines. Airline stocks are hit on the news as well. We discuss the strength of the U.S. dollar and the knock on effects it has for Gold, Silver and other commodities. GoPro (GPRO) is part of […]

DHUnpplugged #236: Slow News – But Summer Is Ending

It is the dog days of summer and news is slow. Some if the more interesting items are discussed in this episode along with some ideas for stock plays. We hit on the incredible run for Apple (APPL) which hit an all-time high as well as some of the recent moves in biotech. This is […]

DHUnplugged #235: The Bear is Awakened

Markets have seen a change in sentiment and in this episode we find out why. Some of the recent news on the deadly Ebola virus and stocks picks that may see some upside on a potential cure. This is a jam packed show with some in depth insight.. Listen in. See this week’s stock picks […]

DHUnplugged #224: You Have Been Screwed (Also – Fat is GOOD)

It seems that the media has been leaking some of the embargoed data related to important Fed decisions for years – a new study uncovers the lack of integrity by today’s financial media. We also find out that the age-old study that warned us that fat leads to all sorts of bad things and potential […]

DHUnpplugged #223 – Markets Won’t Go Down – Or Will They?

What is with the prices at Disney? Sure the company beat, but another price increase at the parks? WOW – we find out the price for a family of 4… ______________________________________________________________  Sponsored by: The Stanford Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate: self paced, online courses. ideas.stanford.edu ______________________________________________________________ Stocks to watch as well… Horowitz has a series of […]

DHUnplugged #213: Continuation and The Same But Different

Economics and equities are having a good time diverging. We have some fun with the Tesla Gigafactory, China as well as answer some questions on Justin Bieber.   Horowitz has a series of trading indicators now available for Tradestation – HERE Disclosure: Horowitz & Company clients may hold positions of securities mentioned as of the […]

DHUnplugged #202 – Bitcoin’s Parabolic Bonanza

Pricing on Bitcoins are off the charts – getting insane. We ask whether now is the time to start looking for some shorts in the market and cover business and world news. Sadly, this is the last of the Closest to the Pin stocks episodes (for now) This week’s Closest to the Pin contest winner […]