DHUnplugged #297: New Year Cheer or Fear?

The New Year is upon us and markets are seeing heightened volatility. With the recent rate hike by the Fed, what will be in store for 2016? More of the same as 2015 or clear sailing to new highs? We will help to take the clarify some of the confusion. John and Andrew take a […]

DHUnplugged #296: Market In a Funk Over Junk

The countdown until the Fed rate decision is getting down to the last few hours. Markets seem “prepared” for a hike and then some very dovish commentary to follow. Will this cause the U.S. dollar to rally or will we see an unwind of risk assets? On the table for discussion is the recent and […]

DHUnplugged #295: Central Bankers GONE WILD

It has been a wild ride for currency markets. Central banks may have actually gone too far and markets are starting to see notable price movements. Last week may have been the tip of the iceberg. We also discuss some of the important news of the week as well as the market outlook. See this […]

DHUnplugged #294: Santa or Grinch Markets?

The end of the year is just weeks away and there is plenty of news that will shape markets. Seasonally, this is a bullish time, but we discuss some of the potential headwinds that may hinder further upside. China’s currency was approved by the IMF in the global Special Drawing Rights basket – what implications […]

DHUnplugged #291: Wake Up – The Fed Already Raised Rates

The Fed has already tightened simply by voicing the potential to tighten. The U.S. Dollar has surged and the Euro and Yen have tumbled. That in itself will create tighter economic conditions for the U.S. markets. Short sellers beware: The SEC wants to know more about your activity. Plus we take a look into the […]

DHUnplugged #290: Behind The Curtain

October was one heck of a month for equities. What will November hold for investors? John and Andrew discuss some of the more important news of the week and look into some of the information behind the scenes. Some crazy news out of Amazon and a look into why Apple is announcing a price cut […]

DHUnplugged #289: A Deep Dive Into Dirty Dishwashers

In this episode we take a closer look at earnings and some of the reasons why markets have been trending higher. From the severe drop in August/September to the turnaround in October, what is different? Plus, an deep exploration of why your dishes are not getting clean. This is not to be missed! Twitter (TWTR), […]

DHUnplugged #287: An Unfortunate Reality Check

It is earnings season and we are not getting numbers that are kicking up sentiment. If anything, it is adding to the general angst that has been living underneath these markets for some time. Playboy Magazines are discontinuing fully nude photos – what is the world coming to? See this week’s stock picks HERE Follow […]

DHUnplugged #286: Bad News Is Good News Again

After the horrible jobs report, stocks staged an impressive turnaround off the lows. What is this telling us about the potential for more stimulus from the Fed? Drug companies are under attack as more information comes to light about their pricing practices. We discuss this as well as more important news hitting the tape. Market […]

DHUnplugged #285: The Question On Everyone’s Mind

It has been a wild couple of weeks and we are back to answer the question on everyone’s mind: What is happening? Will markets continue to sell off or is this just another buying opportunity. In this episode we dive deep into the more important reasons to explain what is going on… See this week’s […]