DHUnplugged #362: Social Media Gone Wild

Does social media impede productivity? Can it be blamed on some of the slow growth around the world? What is going on with Brazil? Is there a trade in all of this mess? Investors seem less concerned this week about any of the domestic scandals that have been cropping up – maybe it is just […]

DHUnplugged #211: BULLSHIT ALERT!

It is getting thick… To think that the media is splashing around the idea that markets moved higher on the latest jobs report is ridiculous. Then they tried to tell us that Fed Chief Yellen’s testimony was cause for markets surging.. Really? We also discuss the emerging markets, China and Japan’s recent plunge in machine […]

DHUnplugged #124: Short People? Or Short People…..

Here is our latest conversation …. new insights for anyone who invests in anything. Europe, Yahoo (YHOO) and the latest Obama Jobs plan are all on the agenda. This week we may see the end of the run up. A few stocks discussed along with 2 to look at further… NEW! We are now tracking […]