DHUnplugged #450: April Flowers

The yield curve, the yield curve!!!!

April has some interesting characteristics related to market – will the trend play out?

Looking at the LYFT IPO and other names of interest.

Some interesting charts, a new Closest to the Pin and much more – PLUS we are now on Spotify !


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China economy
50 basis point cut?
LYFT - Rises then Falls
U.S. Economy steadies - Jobs report on Friday
VIX Sub-14
Yield Curve reverses inversion - 3 Month below 10 year BUT.... There is more to the story

Market Update

Rally Rally! 2nd quarter opens on a high note
Discount bad news (PMIs in Europe Fading)
Rejoice at good news (China Manufacturing expands)
Retail sales fall in latest reading - far below expectations
ISM Manufacturing in the U.S. picks up a bit - exceeding expectations

Stories making the rounds that the 10 Year is now above the 3 month - but short end is still somewhat inverted.

Even more stories are floating around about April being one of the best months for markets - April Flowers?
- Is this an indication that once again information that is known will collapse upon itself?


- Feb Retail Sales -0.2% vs consensus of 0.1%; was revised to 0.2% from 0.7%
- Feb Retail Sales, Ex-Auto -0.4% vs consensus of 0.1%; was revised to 0.9% from 1.4%
- Mar ISM Manufacturing Index 55.3 vs consensus of 54.1; was 54.2
- February Durable Orders -1.6% m/m vs. -0.9% consensus

U.S Manufacturing rose a bit this month - off of a 2-year low

ISM Index

LYFT IPO - Came out at $72 and ramped higher to $87 but closed at the lower range of the day on Friday
- Fell below IPO offer price on Monday to close at $68
- Too much negativity surrounding this name?

TESLA - Elon Musk is rapper now ("RIP Harambe")
- Just fun loving or lunatic?
- All sorts of theories surrounding (good quarter, other meanings???)

Crude oil - approaching $62++ as Russia confirms production cuts and other OPEC are thinking they want the price higher
- 200-Day resistance in sight

Crude Price Chart

- U.S. companies rolled out last quarter the sixth-highest quarterly volume of stock buyback announcements in the past decade, even as buybacks came under increased political scrutiny.
- Corporate America announced $212.7 billion in buybacks last quarter.  While below the $242.1 billion in the first quarter last year, it was still historically high.   Buybacks topped $200 billion in five of the past eight quarters.
- “Companies committed enough money to buybacks last quarter to give $1,500 to every U.S. worker subject to withholding,” said David Santschi, director of liquidity research at EPFR’s TrimTabs.
- “Buybacks are one factor driving economic inequality in the U.S., as top corporate executives tend to benefit disproportionately from them.”

Forty-two companies announced buybacks of at least $1 billion last quarter, led by Chevron ($25 billion), Union Pacific ($22.6 billion), Cisco ($15.0 billion), Johnson Controls International ($8.5 billion), and Home Depot ($7.6 billion).

- Walgreens Boots Alliance reduces adjusted EPS guidance for fiscal 2019, from a range of 7 percent to 12 percent growth, to roughly flat, at constant currency rates.
- Down 12% Mid-day

WBA Chart

Facebook - Part 2
- Facebook is looking to add paid publishers with a new "tab"
- Requesting governmental help in social media via recent Opt-Ed in Washington Post
-- Facebook CEO is calling on “governments and regulators” around the world to help rein in the internet, and his own company.
-- “By updating the rules for the Internet, we can preserve what’s best about it — the freedom for people to express themselves and for entrepreneurs to build new things — while also protecting society from broader harms,” Zuckerberg writes.
-- Zuckerberg goes on to ask for new regulation addressing four topics: “harmful content, election integrity, privacy, and data portability.” But the bigger point is that he’s asking for regulation at all: For years, Silicon Valley’s tech leaders assumed that governments and regulators were anachronistic speed bumps to be avoided.

Price Cutting
- Amazon.com Inc. is planning to cut prices on hundreds of items at Whole Foods stores this week, as the e-commerce giant seeks to change the chain’s high-cost image amid intense competition among grocers.

- Bitcoin and others are raging again. Bitcoin topped $5000 for a moment on Monday/Tuesday
- Thoughts on reason?

Earnings Swoon
- GameStop beats by $0.02, misses on revs, comps +1.4%; guides AprQ EPS below consensus; guides FY19 revs below consensus; concludes review of strategic and financial alternatives, announces $100 mln profit improvement initiative
- Stock off 9% after hours

Earnings Boom
- Dave & Busters beats by $0.11, beats on revs; guides FY20 in-line
- Stock up 6% after hours

JCD Quiz:

1) Fed Chair Powell's Net Worth is:

A) Less than $5 Million
B) Between $5 - $25 Million
C) Between $25 - $50 Million
D) Between $50 - $200 Million
E) Over $200 Million

2) Powell's Top Holding as of latest disclosure (estimate)

A) Cash
B) Stock ETFs/Funds
C) Bond ETFs/Funds
D) U.S. Treasuries

One more thing....
- Apple may see a change as the company is about to enter the blackout period prior to earnings on April 30
- Not exactly known what the company does during this period - but generally 30 days before earnings they stop buying back stock

420 Stocks ...

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Stocks to watch: CGC, STZ, TLRY, CRON, MJ, NBEV


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- Starting today, 59 exclusive BURGER KING restaurants in and around St. Louis will be testing the Impossible WHOPPER -- a flame-grilled, plant-based patty topped with freshly sliced tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Pay to Play
- The U.S. Constitution does not guarantee a prisoner sentenced to capital punishment “a painless death,” a divided Supreme Court said on Monday, paving the way for the execution of a convicted murderer who sought to die by lethal gas rather than lethal injection because of a rare medical condition.

Charging Mat
- Apple last week on Friday said it is canceling the AirPower wireless charging mat that the company announced in 2017 on the same day as its iPhone X
- In a statement, Apple said that it had concluded that its AirPower mat “will not achieve our high standards.”

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