DHUnplugged #176: Stealing From Russia Not Advisable

Cyprus is thinking about taking money from depositors who are by in-large Russians. Not the best plan every conceived. We talk about the pig dump in China, the Fed, markets and more…



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One Response to “DHUnplugged #176: Stealing From Russia Not Advisable”

  1. Alan B.

    RE: You asked “Why Olathe, KS?”
    I’m a former Sprint Switch Engineer who worked at Sprint’s World HQ campus in Overland Park, KS (5 miles from Olathe and Kansas City, MO). During the days of “Ma Bell”, the local phone company would not provide service to this rural area, so a COOP was formed called United Telephone. Untied later became Sprint-United. Because the area is flat, (Think Tornado Alley) most of the lines were eventually burried. Also, Spint had the foresight to go to an all-fiber backbone. They started plowing up the countryside burying Fiber Optic cable all over the area. Olathe was one of the areas Sprint populated with fibre to over 80% of the area. In 1999 Spint had a product called ION (Integrated On-demand Network) that delivered 50mbs to the home.
    So the short answer to me very long post is: Olathe sits on a ton of glass fiber and has Network engineers out the wazoo.
    Love the show…


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