DHUnplugged #169: End of Year Rap

Lots to discuss as we wrap up the year. Where and when will we fall off the cliff and some other areas that you need to know about. The gold short we discussed last week paid off well. Listen in for more crazy ideas for 2013.






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One Response to “DHUnplugged #169: End of Year Rap”

  1. Jason

    Andrew, on guns, it makes not one ounce of difference as to what a gun looks like. The business part is the barrel and the bullet. The AR variant used fires .223/5.56 ammo. This ammo is used in literally thousands of models of rifles. Military AND classic hunting style and because of how barrel length affects velocity, the hunting rifles are actually more lethal on a shot by shot basis.

    The ONLY terms pertaining to military grade weapons that are real are “Assault Rifles” and “Battle Rifles”.

    The assault variety have to have select fire allowing for single, burst and full auto. The ASSAULT part comes from compactness AND full auto.

    Battle rifles are your classic full length semi-auto or bolt action rifles that are built to endure massive abuse and to be used as a club or stabbing weapon if needed. Examples would be the Springfield, Lee Enfield and Russian Mosin Nagant.

    The big draw on the AR platform is that it is crazy modular and handles a huge # of modifications to the point of even changing the caliber of the weapon to something other than .223/5.56.

    One massive thing to keep in mind is that full auto of ANY kind has been illegal to sell new in the US for a long time. The only ones left that can be sold are those made BEFORE 1986.

    And lastly, there are loads of other semi-auto rifles out there that fire FAR more devastating rounds than the .223/5.56. The sad fact is that the vast majority of gun deaths in the US are by handgun and NOT rifles yet the law makers are always going after rifles. And worse still is that there are more people saved by handguns than are killed so they are still a net benefit, if one can say that.

    And up here in Canada? We can buy almost all the same things as in the US. We just have a mag limit that is stupid. What, a criminal is not going to reload??? And the coolest gun we can buy lately is the Israeli Tavor TAR-21 (Which fires the .223) and we are even allowed to hunt with it! You can’t buy it in the US yet :)


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