DHUnplugged #165: Invasion of the Subway Rats

Apple earnings, a surprise iPad, the elections and subway rats are all topics for conversation in this episode. Plus, we have a few post-hurricane stocks that may be of interest.






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2 Responses to “DHUnplugged #165: Invasion of the Subway Rats”

  1. stalinvlad

    Someone on the tv over here compared Queens to WWII Dresden
    Short term sure a lot of -ve
    But if you survive you will need a fridge, you will need a carpet…
    Cab drivers NEED TO HAVE A CAB
    So you can short to the end of the world (23/dec/2012) or you could say the obvious, your $ is only worth $ if it is not the end of the world

    Going forward I would have no shorts around Christ-mass, either Quetzalcoatl will come out of the clouds asking for blood & fire or nothing will happen and everyone will still need to live.

    You might want to move to bonds over stock, but you being inside seeing those spreads going north would beg to differ
    If you weren’t so lazy (1 hour every 1.5 weeks) you would go to NY and open up a carpet store
    But meeting the real public means brushing your foul smelling teeth and also being nice (not saying “bull-crap” to everything that unnerves you etc)
    And as to doing manual work well no one expects a gentleman of your age to do that, you can’t see you can’t remember your hands shake
    If you were a wild animal you would be so dead, ever see ED in the wild?

    And what keeps this impossible dream alive?
    $ and God
    The old and smelly tell everyone God gave them all their $
    And the young believe Quetzalcoatl will fuck them a new arse


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