DHUnplugged #163: unEMPLOYMENT

Is the unemployment rate really at 7.8%? How about the goings on in Greece and Spain? We discuss several of more timely topics including Apple’s price action and market outlook.





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2 Responses to “DHUnplugged #163: unEMPLOYMENT”

  1. Robert

    I think you guys should ask for donations like NPR or PBS. Even if you raise a few thousand dollars, it will help you sustain the wonderful program. If you channel it towards a charity or Electronic Freedom Foundation, all the better. Brains like yours should really not be given away for free and I personally think most of your listeners would not mind kicking in $5 or $20 on a paypal transactions to make sure your wonderful program is sustained. Just an idea. John, I think you are a rare bird these days. You are irreverent. You are opinionated. You are smart. Seems like in this homogenized world of “yes” men and “political correctness” guys like you are hard to find. warm regards, Robert, Sydney Australia

  2. Perry

    H, you live in Florida and expect no election spam in October? Where do you think you live, West Virginia?

    How about them eers’?


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