DHUnplugged #161: Are We Better Off Now?

The Democratic Convention is is full swing – lots of hope, promise and blame. Are we better off that we were a few years ago, Pre-Obama? We hit on the important data points. Plus some stock ideas and lots more…





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4 Responses to “DHUnplugged #161: Are We Better Off Now?”

  1. Marty

    Thanks for the speedy delivery of the show!

    Important things are happening in the EU. Today one of the super Mario brothers is going to announce if the ECB is going to start another government debt buy-up scheme (i.e. printing new money and stealing value from the existing money). Herr Merkel is in Spain right now talking to the Spanish prime minister.

    Next week the 12th of Sept. two major events will occur for the EU. Germany will decide if its government was lawful to by-pass the German people to take a huge liability in the upcoming permanent ESF bail-out fund. Furthermore on that same day the Netherlands will vote for a new government, in which the people could vote against the EU, because their pensions are evaporating.

    Only four countries make up 45% of the total budget of the EU of which Germany and the Netherlands are two (the two are Great Britain and France).

    Do you have any ideas on sailing one’s pension financially safe through these muddy waters?

    Best regards,

    Marty (your EU listener)

  2. Emery

    H’s analysis of the state of the economy was way off base. The price of gasoline fell from a high of $4.10 in July of 2008 to $1.68 in January of 2009 reflecting a worldwide economic crash. Private sector jobs have been growing. The continuing destruction of public sector jobs has not only kept employment numbers down; it has hurt the economy in general.


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