DHUnplugged #160: Stop The Chickens!

The Republican Presidential candidate has been announced – nothing to report. Inflation? No, but we are paying more, right? Natural Gas update, and from the Philippines with love.





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38 Responses to “DHUnplugged #160: Stop The Chickens!”

  1. Valentine

    Just dropping a note to say I listen to learn. Maybe someday I will buy some stocks when I feel I have learned enough. Oh and can actually afford it *smile*
    You are both great, oh John…. In the morning

  2. Grant

    Just submitting a commit because Andrew wanted feedback from the show. I listen to the show to get general market insight. I really enjoy the podcast and hope it continues. If I ever win the lotto I will call Andrew immediately :) No really I’ve followed basic investment principles over the years but I messed up in buying Best Buy and HP back in may of 2011. Keep up the good work!

  3. Dan

    actually use it for perspective on news and education. great when you talk economic priniciples

  4. Alan

    Just listening to the two of you is like sitting with a couple of friends talking about all sorts of things. I like the stock ideas and have acted on a few with various results. John has great insight into things like the recent AAPL case. Andrew is very good at zoning in on interesting stocks. It’s just fun listening to the banter. Keep up the free ranging topics (a chicken reference).

  5. Kristinn

    I love listening to this show, mostly for the insight and entertainment. I also love it when Andrew talks about my home country.

  6. Professor Alan

    For basic education and analysis, more of the “big picture” of the US and world economy, not so much for specific stock picks, although I enjoy the analysis there, as well.

    I am a finance/business professor at a university in the midwest, and use some of the concepts/ideas in class: Shadow Stats, Netflix & Facebook analysis, etc …

  7. Steven

    Thought I would take the time to let you know why I listen. First of all it is nice to hear a summary of financial news from two people without an agenda. The format is pleasant; like two people having an honest conversation without having an axe to grind. I find it also provides significant educational value. Regarding stock picks, I enjoy getting your opinions. I believe more in the Black Swan theory (for my purposes) and don’t think I can get enough reliable information to make short term trades. Great job guys!

  8. Paul

    I listen to the show for insight into the general market mood, what is moving the markets this week. Sometimes as a individual investor, it is difficult to ascertain what is moving markets over a particular time frame. Horowitz gives a good professional money market perspective. I also learn something knew every know and then, like that “relative rotation graph” a few shows back.

  9. siggi

    I for one think the show is very entertaining and highly educational, i like the insight into markets and your perspective on what’s going on and what’s affecting the markets you could go a little deeper with each topic, it’s ok to mention news and political items and stuff just as long as it relates to some market or business type thing and has some nice value to the conversation, in general just getting youz guys perspective on what’s happening in markets and business and explanations is really fun and educational derp

  10. Perry

    I listen for entertainment/opinion. I’m not buying stocks anytime soon.

    I also listen to Planet Money and Freakonomics podcasts.

    Can’t stand TV stock market shows/channels and I have a limited amount of time to get some idea of what is going on.

    Keep doing what your doing but don’t be afraid to tweak the show.

  11. Rick

    The show IS entertaining. Especially the sound effects – where else can you go to get market information, technology insights AND a slide whistle???

    Seriously it is fun to listen to. I am in technology sales and spend a lot of time in the car, so listening to podcasts is a great use of time and a way to get information that I might not otherwise get.

    I also sincerely like the fact that you are not concerned about being politically correct- you are being candid and real – a refreshing change.

  12. *wingz*

    Andrew and John – I enjoy the podcast. I am a retired computer manager and economist and thus have a big interest in stock market fluctuations. I like the information and opinion about the performance of various markets and companies. I like the discussion on various indicators as they are released. I like the spreadsheet picks in the stock picking game. I am not sure what you are getting out of the podcast as I can’t detect any advertising or other revenue raising activity. I guess Horowitz and co is benefitting. Please keep doing the show – I could even cope with ads for Ford, Carbonite and Audible etc, as long as the funny accents stayed away!

  13. Jose Felipe

    I really enjoy the show for the right blend of news, entertainment, and financial information. I listen to the show as part of my commute. Out of the other podcasts I listen to, you guys annoy me the least and don’t make me want to correct you guys on Twitter. I don’t actively trade, so all information provided on your show is for education and entertainment.

  14. Jan Dubroca

    I love your podcast. Entertainment, stock info, general world news and fun.
    Please continue on with the show!
    I listen to all of the podcasts and check both Andrew’s and John’s website weekly.
    And John; Noagnda is great and I’m almost a knight.
    Keep up the good job!
    PS: I have made money from your info

  15. Ben

    I have listened to the show for different investing ideas. I am in the process of developing an online RIA platform target clients who are looking for some investment guidance for low fees. I currently just have a few of my old private bank clients that are supporting my business until my site comes online, but I have followed through on several ideas including John’s epic NFLX short. I am a strong opponent to passive investing strategies and MPT , so it is good to have a show that looks for individual Out-performers.

  16. Dave R

    I listen to the show while writing code at work, easier to focus on one thing than listening to random office chatter. Mostly to pick up gems to share with others, like the one about Asian foot flesh eating fish. I listen to get contrarian views on tech and finance; to keep things interesting between Michael Lewis books.

  17. Colin South

    I like your show. Im a 48 state truck driver and I listen on Friday nights. to me its my weekend round up of the week. ‘kicking back with the boys on the weekend on the couch with a bottle of Whiskey talking about the market’… Thats the kind of envision I imagine when Im driving down the empty highway at 11:30 at night. My work moves with the market and I can understand why you guys say what you say. (and would most likely be the same stuff said if I knew a few friends who were willing to sit down at a lounge and talk for a bit)
    Good show, been listening to the Disciplined investor since 2008. (Yea,I know Croc’s since 08)

  18. Eric

    I listen at work to help pass the time. I am not invested at all but I appreciate the show’s perspective on the economy.

  19. Josh

    I listen mostly as a weekly keep up with the business news. Honestly who needs breaking news anyway, just knowing what happened in a week is good enough for me. I listen to the disciplined investor, but sometimes its too intense and I’d rather hear something a little more easy going like DH-Unplugged. I like the digressions about food you ate, or about different washers and dryers, etc. All work and no play makes for dull day.

    The Stock Picks are awesome, just wish I had more money to invest. I hope you keep doing it so by the time I start investing more regularly, I can pick up a few of the picks.

    Thanks! Josh

  20. Marty

    Dear John and Andrew,

    I like your show very much because you provide me with some real stock trading insider views (Andrew), that is made understandable/accessible to a large audience (thanks to John’s questioning), without the spin of commercially and or politically influenced media (I hope :).

    I use it to pick up on the buzz and sentiments, to get a perspective on large macro economic directions and turn arounds and the outrageous crummy situations (e.g. bubbles) that they lead to in the market place, in monetary policy and in political manipulation around the world. I especially like the gossip and rants that they provoke in you.

    As a nice catch I love to learn a thing or two on your shows. For example; I would be really interested in money creation and its effects (like inflation versus the EU M3 figures etc.). In the big media all you hear about is spin like in the (US) political lingo: quantitative easing or in EU political lingo government debt buy back and the mysterious long term refinancing plan.

    As a negative pointer I’d like to give the following. As I understand you record your shows on Tuesdays. I pick up your show in the morning in the EU time zone. It first becomes available to me on the Friday morning. I’d like for it to be available a bit sooner, please.

    I really enjoy your show. Please continue talking about what really interests you and keep it loose and fun for you to produce too.

    Best regards,

    Marty (your EU listener)

  21. LtSiver

    I listen to your show to get a more accurate picture of what is going on in the economy and the markets. (I also listen to the disciplined investor for the same reason) Watching any of the news channels for news on the economy just seems to be spin to make it sound better than it really is.

  22. Starfire

    Great show, keep up the good work.
    Would be nice if a small portion of the show is dedicated to explain basic principles of stocks and economy in general. Some like where to buy and how to buy and what to look for.

  23. James

    I listen to the show to get a fresh perspective of how you look at life in general. I am not an active market Investor; but I do like to keep tabs on the economy in a general sense. I most enjoy the stories you tell about events in your lives and you opinions of individual sector performance. I also appreciate the fact that for the most part the show is without foul language. Thanks for taking the time to record & post it; as a producer myself I understand just how much work it can be (I do mostly video, even more work).

  24. James Kessinger

    Andrew / John

    I enjoy the discussions and Andrew’s broad knowledge of the markets. But what I really like are the explainations of small topics or events – things that, I guess I missed in the news and need reexplained. The show is really good at that. Also your take or world events, not just markets, is helpful. I own a scrap processing business and work for the countries largest aluminum rolling mill. On rare occasions, I get to meet with upper management from Paris so it helps to stay abreast of markets, world events and most everything you discuss.

  25. Kevin Dauphinee

    John’s comment about a 3 day weekend in Shanghai to “get it” – China, that is, couldn’t be further from a valuable recommendation. Having repatriated to the States after 11 years living in Beijing, the complexities, sleight-of-hand, notwithstanding the momentum of the China economy are not well understood by the financial press, despite those on-the-ground. Too many layers of the onion. Too much “guanxi” to understand. Keeping employment at an acceptable level is paramount to Zhongnanhai (China’s White House). I’ve been listening over 2 years and enjoy the banter. This one comment was off-the-cuff and hardly good advice.

  26. Londo

    The show is great. I listen to it because I get sick of the banter on CNBC. I listen to the show for education and entertainment. Its hard to get a feel how the economy is doing with the main stream media because they just focus on the Dow being at 13k and unemployment at 8%. Not many people discuss the mess in Europe to the detail you do. Matter of fact no one really covers economies outside of the US as much as you cover it. The stock game is a great way of talking about stocks to educate when to buy or sell. Keep up the good work. Hopefully you’ll make money of the podcast one day.

  27. Martin

    I really enjoy the show. For the most part I use it for general market education and to get a different (or another) perspective on stocks, When I hear something of investment interest, I’ll research it independantly and discuss it with my financial advisor. As John mentioned, getting one good tip a year makes it worthwhile.

  28. Elizabeth

    The coverage on Greece and Europe was great; I love the in-depth conversations about China and your guys’ ability to touch on such a wide variety of topics – its important that Andrew keeps the show going with always having something ready to discuss. My favorite conversations are when you debate the direction of Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple – considering how these companies have shaped us so dramatically, I really appreciate hearing your guys’ opinions in a natural, back-and-forth way.

    My interest in investing and the markets just started this year. I am more interested in the business situations (Best Buy) then I am in what stocks you pick. My regular podcasts are Planet Money, It’s All Politics, Marketplace and DH Unplugged – DH Unplugged is a goody so please don’t go!!

  29. Alex

    I listen to your show as a news source. Really great analysis. I don’t own any stocks but I like to know what going on because I feel this is a very fair news source. Just like the No Agenda show.

  30. Hans Schulz

    I learned about the DH Unplugged Podcast from the NoAgenda Podcast. I enjoy getting an entertaining, explanatory, introductory view on the stock market and haven’t missed an episode since I started listening. While I’m not trading stocks and thus don’t necessarily need/use the stock tips that much, I enjoy getting recommendations on the side about which headphones or microphones are great, which digital video camera to buy, or which solitaire game to play. ;-)

  31. Faith

    I listen to learn about the economy in general. It reminds me why I’m not in the market right now. It is very entertaining, and a way for me to understand the news. I like the friendly conversation style and sidetracks, since none of my friends like discussing market trends. It is nice to see that some of the trends I see are being seen across the country or worldwide.

  32. Keith Heeres

    Hi Andrew and John.

    I listen because I have been fans of you both. I used to read all John’s columns in the magazines I used to get. Love his grumpy sarcastic tone. He has a unique perspective. Don’t always agree with him. But he makes we pause and think.

    I have been a fan of Andrew since I discovered him on MSN Money for winning stock picking challenges. I have been listening to to several of his podcasts for a couple years now. I consider Andrew one of the most intelligent, truthful and relevant economic and market watchers/analysts. I look forward to investing with you in the near future.

    You guys have great chemistry and I learn a great deal. I don’t do any investing in the stocks you recommend, but I really do like your commentary. You guys give a great education and entertain at the same time.

    Thanks for giving to your listeners.

  33. Fabby

    I listen for the following reasons: (Short versions)
    1/ Inside information
    2/ Entertainment
    3/ Education

    Hi Andrew, (John will never read this anyway)
    1/ How do money managers work? Do they sleep? (Apparently not when in the Philippines!) Where do they get their information? On what are their decisions based? I used to have a (managed) portfolio but took everything out of the market (too late to make a good profit, early enough not to lose money)
    2/ Just laughing makes other people laugh too! And some of the goof-balls you launch at each other are more then just funny: they’re hilarious! You both also have completely different world-views and the synergy that takes place is irreplaceable!
    3/ To improve my knowledge of:
    a/ Economics in general (I’m a scientist)
    b/ the English language, (well… American English I should say)
    c/ Stock market in particular

    and not mentioned in the short version: 4/ Also to kill time (Sittting in the metro, Driving, when I can’t sleep (like: right now 03:30 am)

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! (And it’s all free too! Unbeatable value for money, except No-agenda, but better then TWIT!!!)

  34. Matt

    I love the unscripted relaxed format with two intelligent people covering econ, business and tech. It is exactly what I am looking for. I love the dialogue between you guys. John typically has his pessimistic view on topics but they are insightful and Andrew can balance them out. I listen to get updated and hear the insights from the both of you. I have not acted on one of the stock picks but I appreciate the analysis from Andrew and I like looking at the spreadsheet. I do plan to learn more from the stock picks and may follow up with Andrew to invest. I used to listen to Andrew’s TDI podcast but that was too technical for me. I prefer the breadth and depth covered in DH Unplugged.

    You guys do this for free which is incredible. I never even hear an ad and I think you should add them to compensate for time. I am sincerely thankful for the time you guys take to put together the podcast.

  35. Tobiah

    I listen to the show to learn more about the goings on in a lot of different companies, and to hear your guys’ breakdowns. I am less interested in the stock aspects and more in just the general info.

  36. HankB

    Couple comments rolled into one…
    and this puts
    First, I like to listen to the podcast because it gives me a micro-view on various aspects of the economy. From that I can extrapolate to a macro-view. Unfortunately I’m losing confidence that the stock market really reflects the economy in general (as opposed to the financial markets and publicly traded firms.)

    Next… Something you should know about Green Mountain Coffee that I’m not sure has come up. Patents on the original K-cups have run out and this changes the competitive environment in that market a whole lot. Keurig is promoting a new brewing system, the chief advantage of which is (I believe) it is patented.

    Another puzzling thing… I subscribe to my favorite blends on Green Mountain Coffee. My recent order was missing two of three varieties when received today. I was, however, able to order the missing product today off their web site at the same price as the subscription. The subscription ‘locks in’ about a week prior to shipment and I would think they would be able to manage supply better with that going for them.

    As an aside to John who doesn’t believe the K-Cups brew real coffee. They do. You can open the cartridges up and see real coffee in them. You can fill your own cartridges and brew whatever blend you prefer. There are several downsides: cost, extra trash and I don’t have a ready supply of coffee to use for my favorite beef brisket rub. The coffee is very good and very convenient.

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