DHUnplugged #128: 9-9-Nein!

Here is our latest conversation …. new insights for anyone who invests in anything.

What is the story with Apple (AAPL)? Are they any rules about reporting false information with no sources by the main stream media? Earnings are taking center stage. These and a whole lot more, including the Cain 9-9-9 plan….

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A few stocks discussed along with 2 to look at further – one short and two we go long…



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3 Responses to “DHUnplugged #128: 9-9-Nein!”

  1. JMJahn expatriot

    VAT in Denmark 25% on everything

    The corporate company tax rate in Denmark is a flat 25%
    Income Tax Rate 51.5%

    So cheer up John,

  2. DogBreath

    I can’t believe that you guys don’t understand that corporations never pay taxes, their customers pay any tax in higher prices. Reduce corporate taxes, prices will come down as soon as competition kicks in. Reduce prices, buying increases, inventories deplete, corporations hire new workers to meet demand. Not rocket science.


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